stickers faqs / Troubleshooting

Stickers FAQs / Troubleshooting

  • I cannot download the stickers from the link
    • Make sure you click on the download button on the top right corner of the page
  • Where do I purchase the GoodNotes app?
    • On the App store of your iPad
  • Can I use the stickers on other note taking apps?
    • the Goodnotes file only works with the GoodNotes app but the individual PNGs and PDF files can be used with other PDF editor apps
  • I cannot find the Collection Files
    • Not all Studio Moline products are provided in a Collection format; if your product does not include a Collection, please check how to add stickers using a sticker sheet notebook or using single PNGs
  • Are the stickers editable?
    • You can make the stickers smaller or bigger but cannot edit them
  • How do I add a sticker to a page?
    • Check the instructions on how to add stickers to your elements collection or simply copy and paste!
  • I still need help
    • Contact me on Etsy!

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