Onenote faq / Troubleshooting

OneNote FAQs / Troubleshooting

  • I cannot access the link
    • Try another browser
    • Go to and log into your account, once you’re signed in, try again clicking the link provided
  • I cannot make changes to the notebook
    • The notebook I provide is a read-only version, so you will need to follow the process to copy it into your OneNote (see instructions provided) before being able to use it
  • I can only see the notebook on one device and not others
    • Make sure your internet connection is strong
    • Depending on Internet speed, allow a few minutes for the sync to complete
    • If you are not on Wifi, make sure you gave permission to OneNote to sync when not on WiFi
  • How do I type on the notebook?
    • Double click on where you want to write, and make sure the typing cursor and a text box appear. The text box can be moved anywhere
  • How do I resize a planner page?
    • Right-click on the design you wish to resize, de-select “set picture as background” and you can resize the design from its corner. Please remember to select “set picture as background” again once you have completed the resizing. Please note: this will need to be completed manually for each page you wish to resize.
  • How do I add a sticker to a page?
    • Simply copy and paste the sticker where you like. You might want to resize it (drag from the corner) to make sure it is the correct size for your needs
  • I still need help
    • Contact me on Etsy!

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