How to resize printables for printing

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how to resize printables

I often get asked, can your planners be printed in other sizes? The answer is YES! And I want to share with you 3 methods to resize them to any size you need.

Printables are great to stay organized, be more productive and smash your goals, but they also need to fit in our lives and be easily accessible, and the standard US Letter is sometimes just not the right size.

You can use these methods to print pages for the Happy Planner, Filofax, Erin Condren planner, A5 and many more, so you can have your planner in the right place… in the right size!

Method 1 – use your printer pre-saved paper size

Most printer settings have multiple paper sizes pre-saved, you just need to select the right size for you. Go to properties and then document size to pick the size you need from the drop down menu.

Method 2 – custom page size

Similar to method number 1, in addition to all the pre-saved paper sizes, printer settings offer the option to insert custom paper sizes. Scroll to the bottom of the pre-saved paper sizes to find the custom size – in my printer it is called “user-defined”. Before printing make sure you have selected “fit to size” and not “actual size”

Here are some of the most common page sizes:

(Sizes are correct as of May 2023)

NameSize in inchesSize in mm
US Letter size8.5” wide x 11” high220 x 280
A48.3 x 11.7″210 x 297
A5 (Half A4 page size)5.8 x 8.3″148 x 210
Happy Planner Classic7 x 9.25”177.8 x 235
Half letter5.5 x 8.5”140 x 216
Erin Condren Life Planner7 x 9”177.8 x 228.6
Filofax personal refills3.74 x 6.73”95 x 171
Filofal Pocket refills3.18 x 4.72”81 x 120

Method 3 – the percentages

If the above methods are not available for your printable you can use the custom scale function in your printer settings.

In my printer settings this is available in the main printing option screen or you might have to select it from a dropdown menu in the “Scale” options.

Here are the percentages to add for some of the most common paper size:

  • A5 – 68%
  • Half letter – 65%
  • Happy Planner Classic – 82%
  • Erin Condren Life Planner – 82%
  • Filofax Personal – 44%

If your planner is a different size, you can use this formula to calculate the percentage:

WIDTH of your planner size in inches ÷ 8.5 = A

A (from above) x 100 = PERCENT to print

For example, if you use a Filofax Pocket planner, which is 3.18 x 4.72”

3.18 ÷ 8.5 = 0.3741

0.3741 x 100 = 37.41% (round up or down to nearest whole number, in this case 37%)

I hope you find these methods to resize your printables useful!

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