how to install a font

how to install a font

Thanks for purchasing a font from us. Please note all the products in our store are for personal use only and cannot be reproduced, reworked or resold. If you would like to use this font in your business, please contact us to discuss commercial use licenses.

All our fonts come in OpenType (.otf) format, which can be used on Windows PC/laptops, Mac or iPads. They are easy to install and contain both on-screen and print fonts in a single file. It’s the latest technology in terms of fonts!

Installing a font is very easy, but it’s different if you use a PC/laptop, a Mac or an iPad. Check out the instructions below for all methods:

Windows Pc/laptop

  • Download the font from Etsy
  • Locate it in your dowloads folder (it’s the file that ends in .otf)
  • Double-click on it. A new window will pop-up looking like this:
  • Click ‘install’. When the font is installed, the “Install” button will dim. This will save the font in the Fonts folder of your PC.
  • Open the app you want to use the font in. If the app was already open, you’ll need to close and reopen it for the font to be added to the available options.


  • Download the font from Etsy
  • Locate it in your dowloads folder (it’s the file that ends in .otf) or where you saved it into
  • Double-click on it, then press install from the preview window. Your Mac will then validate the font and open the Font Book app.
  • Open the app you want to use your font in

For more details on font installation and removal:


To install a font on your iPad, you will need to use a third party font app. There are plenty available on the App store, but I recommend iFont (free at the time of writing)

iFont is perfect to install fonts in TrueTypeFont (.ttf), OpenTypeFont (.otf), TrueType Collection (.ttc), and .zip format on your iPad.

  • Download the font from Etsy
  • Open the app and tap the Import button from the Installer tab
  • Locate your file (you might have saved it in you files, cloud etc.)
  • Return to the Installer tab and tap the ‘Select’ button next to your file then ‘Install’
  • Tap ‘Allow’  on the next screen to download the font’s configuration profile.
  • Go to ‘Profile Downloaded’ then ‘Install’ in your iPad settings then add your passcode
  • Confirm your consent by clicking “Next.”
  • Acknowledge the warning that the font profile is not signed
  • Select ‘Install’ once more in the top right corner and then again at the bottom of your screen.

Check out this video if you need further support with istalling your font on iPad:

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If you have any questions or are experiencing any issues with the above, please message me on Etsy. You will find the link to contact me in the purchases section of your account.