How to get a onenote product into your OneNote on ipad

How to get a OneNote product into your OneNote on iPad

Thanks for purchasing a OneNote product from us. Please note all the products in our store are for personal use only and cannot be reproduced, reworked or resold.

To add it to your OneNote using your iPad, you need to follow the easy steps below:

  1. Make sure you are logged into your OneNote account via browser as well as on the app. It’s important you are logged in both places
  2. Click the link provided in your purchase instructions
  3. Click on the planner file icon:

Note: This will activate the planner so it will be visible in your OneNote. The planner will open in a new tab in your browser as read-only.

  1. Go to your OneNote app and click “more notebooks”

Note: if that doesn’t work you can go to your OneNote app, and click “more notebooks”, then select the product name (it will be something like “productname SM12345“) to open it.

  1. Create a new Notebook in your app. To do so, click

Note: you will find this button in the bottom left corner of your app

  1. Add a title, for example “My Planner”, pick a colour for the icon and press create
  2. Copy all the sections of the read-only template into your OneNote. To copy, press and hold the section title, select them all
  1. Click copy
  1. Allow a few minutes (depending on your internet speed) for all pages to copy before closing down the read-only template
  2. Enjoy your new OneNote template

Pro tip: copy the template twice in two new notebooks and keep one as a blank template in case you want to start from scratch or use it in years to come, as the link provided in the instructions might not be accessible in the future

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If you have any questions or are experiencing any issues with the above, please message me on Etsy. You will find the link to contact me in the purchases section of your account.