How to add the stickers into your Goodnotes Element tool using a collection

How to add the stickers into your Goodnotes Element tool using a collection

Thanks for purchasing a digital product from us. Please note all the products in our store are for personal use only and cannot be reproduced, reworked or resold.

Not all Studio Moline products are provided in a Collection format; if your product does not include a Collection, please check how to add stickers using a sticker sheet notebook or using single PNGs.

To import an external collection, follow these steps:

  1. Access the files from the link provided in the purchase instructions. You’ll find them split in multiple files (“Collections”) for each product type
  2. Select the files you wish to import
  3. Click on the three dots at the top right corner of the page and select “Open In” and then, “Save to Files”
  4. Open GoodNotes and select a Notebook
  5. Open the Element panel (it’s the Star button next to the Lasso tool). If you cannot find the Tool Bar, make sure you’re out of “Read Only” mode by clicking on the Pen with a circle button right next the three dots. This will open the Tool Bar
  6. Scroll until the end of the list of all your existing collections at the bottom of the Elements panel (you might have to scroll right a bit depending how many collections/elements you already have)
  7. Click on “+” and a “New Collection” panel will pop up
  8. In the bottom right corner, click “Import from” now select the Collection file you saved in your Files (step 2 above)
  9. You will notice it will auto-populate with all the stickers included in the Collection, change the Collection name if you wish to do so, and then click “Create”
  10. This will create a collection that you’ll find at the bottom of your Elements section. It might take a few moments to complete this step depending on your internet speed and amount of stickers, please do not close the app
  11. To use the sticker tap on the Elements panel, select your collection and tap on the sticker you wish to add to your notebook. To adjust the size of the sticker, simply select the arrow in the bottom right corner.

Pro tip: keep a copy of the Collections in your files for any eventuality, as the link provided in the instructions might not be accessible in the future

For more details on how to use GoodNotes Collections please click here.

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If you have any questions or are experiencing any issues with the above, please message me on Etsy. You will find the link to contact me in the purchases section of your account.