best practice for onenote

Best Practice for OneNote products

Thanks for purchasing a digital product from us. Please note all the products in our store are for personal use only and cannot be reproduced, reworked or resold.

The structure of all our OneNote products is fully customizable, which means you can move, add or delete pages and sections as you please.

You can navigate the product using the built-in OneNote structure, or the hyperlinks provided; however, please note that if you delete or rename sections or pages, the relevant hyperlink might no longer work.

All templates provided are available in a separate section, so you can duplicate them and add to the relevant section as necessary.

Where applicable an index page has been provided with hyperlinks to all the pages and sections of the product

OneNote products are meant to be used digitally however if you wish to print them, please make sure you select “fit to page”

Pro tip: keep a clean copy the template in your files in case you want to start from scratch or use it in years to come, as the link provided in the instructions might not be accessible in the future

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If you have any questions or are experiencing any issues with the above, please message me on Etsy. You will find the link to contact me in the purchases section of your account.